About Us

The activities of the Department of Musicology are strongly focused on teaching and research activities. These inseparable components in the
work of the Department’s members are symbiotic, and they forming the
basis of any type of engagement with students at all study levels: bachelor, master and doctoral. The research aspect is important not only for
the scientific and professional development of teachers, but also for students’ competences. The study program of musicology qualifies students to understand music systematically and critically, enabling them to master relevant research skills and methods needed for analysis, evaluation and synthesis of new ideas in academic and professional environment.
In the past years, intensive national and international research activities
have been carried out. National (Serbian Music and European Musical
Heritage /2001–2005/, World Chronotopes of Serbian Music /2006–2010, /Identities of Serbian Music in the World Cultural Context /ongoing/, to
mention just few of them), and international projects (Tempus project Introducing Interdisciplinarity in Music Studies in the Western Balkans in
Line with the European Perspective, Grove Music Online /Oxford University Press, USA/, The Ashgate Research Companion to Minimalist and
Postminimalist Music, The Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology, Inter-
national Project on Music Signification /IPMS, Finland/, The Jean Mon-
net Module Musical Identities and European Perspective: an Interdisciplinary Approach /2014–2017, ERASMUS+/, The Jean Monnet
Module Music and Art in the Shaping of the European Cultural Identity /
ongoing/ and so on) have been realized.
The employees of the Department have diverse professional and social engagements including, among other things, taking part in boards of directors of the Faculty and University of Arts, expert committees, editorial boards of journals, as well as acting as members of programme committees of international conferences and leading music and culture institutions in Serbia. They give public and keynote lectures in various institutions in the country and abroad, take part in round table sessions and book promotions and regularly plan and organize art events.

International conferences
The Department of Musicology has an almost thirty-year long history of
organizing and hosting international conferences. From 2006 onwards
biennial international conference are organized, representing one of the
most important scientific events not only in Serbia, but in the whole
region. National and international experts in musicology and related
disciplines, present their valuable papers and participate in lively debates
in discussions. Until now, following conferences were organized: Musical
Culture and Memory, April, 2006; (Auto)biography as Musical Discourse,
Belgrade, 2008; Between Nostalgia, Utopia, and Realities, April, 2010;
Music and Paper/Music and Screen, April, 2012; Musical Practices – Continuities and Transitions, April, 2014; Transpositions: Music/Image, October, 2016. All these conferences have been followed by books published
in English language.

Members of the Department of Musicology of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade:
Prof. Dr. Vesna Mikić, full-time professor, Head of the Department
Prof. Dr. Tijana Popović Mladjenović, full-time professor, Head of the
Musicology Department Council
Prof. Dr. Ivana Perković, full-time professor, Vice Dean for Science and
International Cooperation
Prof. Dr. Dragana Jeremić-Molnar, full-time professor
Prof. Dr. Sonja Marinković, full-time professor
Prof. Dr. Ana Stefanović, full-time professor
Prof. Dr. Dragana Stojanović-Novičić, full-time professor
Prof. Dr. Marija Masnikosa, associate professor, Chair Holder of the
project Jean Monnet Module Music and Art in the Shaping of the Euro-
pean Cultural Identity
Dr. Biljana Leković, assistant professor
Dr. Ivana Miladinović Prica, assistant teacher
Dr. Radoš Mitrović, assistant teacher
Dr. Ivana Petković Lozo, assistant teacher, Secretary of the Department
Stefan Cvetković, PhD candidate, assistant teacher
Marina Marković, PhD candidate, assistant teacher